The walnut way

What a satisfying project in meopham, kent this was!  There weren’t any tricky levels or curves to negotiate with this project but in a way the simplicity of it requires everything to be absolutely perfect. Whilst still functioning, i.e the patio needs to drain away from the house whilst being flush with the lawn, the […]

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APL awards finalist

We’ve got through to the APL awards final with the Omega garden! We’re chuffed to have got this far with it and all our digits are crossed for March when we will find out if it won something.  An excerpt from our submission: “I planned to cover the existing concrete at the back of the […]

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We popped in to futurescapes this week to go to the APL (association of professional landscapers)(of which we are members) annual meeting. Which we unfortunately missed because the traffic was awful and then parking for vans was tricky with all the height restrictions at the excel centre.  But had we been there we would have […]

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We give a Jack.

We have been delighted to have won a grant towards the cost of a portable power bank (Jackery) with solar panels for our on the hoof power needs.  It’s been bugging me for a while that our switch to more battery powered tools has caused us to lean more heavily on the grid where a […]

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Green pudding

These photographs capture the progress of grass seed development over 5 weeks at a landscaping job in Luddesdown, Kent. This particular seed is coated in mycorrhizal fungi and seaweed to aid its establishment by keeping it moist, giving it some natural food to get it started and connecting it up to the soil effectively – […]

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Italian book ends. 

These two areas were a little neglected as you can see and didn’t sign post what was to come at your next destination as you move from zone to zone. They now work really well as transitional garden ‘bookends’ to the Italian garden, particularly at the north end where the stone transitions from the older […]

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GCL products/Permeable pathways

For this landscaping project at ovh in Erith we used GCL products for all of the plastic materials we needed. All of which is made from recycled plastics, is very strong and as we know about plastics – will last a long time. Which in this case is a fantastic property for a material to have, […]

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Wilding up the urban wilderness

We have been thrilled to have got the job of inviting some nature into a corner of a very industrial site at OVH Erith. This patch of barren land has now been turned into an oasis of forage and habitat for wildlife. In the week it took to turn this corner around we have already […]

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Planting up this beautiful seating/eating area was a delight. It is partially shady and is a courtyard so we went for more shade loving ferns, ajuga for ground cover and a mixture of anemones, hellebores and some beautiful apricot digitalis with some beautiful grasses to give volume and structure. Cant wait to see it grow.  

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Soluform concrete sandbags

This was one of those situations where you have a great idea, check if it’s already been done and find out that there’s a fantastic company – soluform/hoben international who already do it really well.  Their patented pre-filled concrete sandbags have a inner lining that degrades when wetted by the rain so the dry mix […]

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