APL awards finalist

We’ve got through to the APL awards final with the Omega garden! We’re chuffed to have got this far with it and all our digits are crossed for March when we will find out if it won something. 

An excerpt from our submission:

“I planned to cover the existing concrete at the back of the house with hardwood decking on hardwood joists in order for the client to be able to step straight out of their kitchen or patio doors seamlessly without affecting the damp proof course.

Then you step down one step into a circular area made of fully permeable self binding gravel surrounded by a Corten steel raised bed so that you feel immersed in the planting once you sit down.

I planned in an automatic irrigation system so that the garden could establish quickly reducing any chance of weeds getting hold in between the planting (which was tight anyway) and I used a biodegradable paper mulch product underneath the bark fines to this effect also. I also planned in a light sensitive lighting system so that the garden can be enjoyed throughout the whole year – particularly as it faces the dining room.”