Meopham Wildlife Garden

The design brief for this job was to create a beautiful space which was more beneficial to the owners and wildlife in general, the clients wanted less lawn but still some lawn and they wanted a new pond. We divided the space into three circular zones, lawn, seating and wildlife.

We then set about linking and dividing the spaces accordingly, the path that circles the lawn with chestnut boards on edge set in self-binding gravel gives a double layer effect to the planting and allows for easy access to the planting as well as minimising compaction of the lawn in wet weather. 

The old lawn once dug up was used in the wildlife area to create a wildlife friendly grass circle of long grass and flowers as well as being used in the bespoke gabions which define this area. The remaining turf was stacked with prunings inter layered to create even more invertebrate habitat to the rear of this area.