Wilding up the urban wilderness

We have been thrilled to have got the job of inviting some nature into a corner of a very industrial site at OVH Erith. This patch of barren land has now been turned into an oasis of forage and habitat for wildlife. In the week it took to turn this corner around we have already witnessed bees, hover flies and a dragon fly visit. So the likelihood of this being a hit with the local wildlife seems high! As this patch develops and comes into full bloom come spring, we expect it to be a hive of activity providing some much needed wildlife in what is quite a barren industrial environment. It also provides a much needed connection with the natural world for the people who work here, something which is gaining more and more awareness. 

We have planted the pond with a mixture of oxygenating plants, all of which will flower and provide a welcome nectar supply. The banks and beds are planted with pollinator, invertebrate/bird friendly plants. This is not just about a nectar supply, but also about plants that have hollow stems making an easy ‘bug hotel/hovel’ and seeds that provide birds with food.

 Once we planted up all the pots we under planted with a mix of bulbs and then over sowed with a seed mix for bees and another for butterflies. 

Let’s hope other companies have the foresight and compassion to implement more projects like this!