Advantages of permeable paving

Using Steintecs permeable paving and Sitkas permeable pointing compound enabled us to lay this patio completely level without any worry about water logging. Each paving unit must be slurried to glue it to the bedding mortar as the bedding mortar is comprised of gravel and cementy goodness. This allows channels for the water to pass through to be maintained.

It’s a great thing in this instance but in fact is a really good thing for any patio as all stone and porcelain are porous to a greater or lesser extent so creating an escape route for any water that does make it through to the bedding mortar is a really sensible way to prolong the life of any paving project. Never mind the benefits to be had by increasing the amount of water that is naturally reabsorbed into our soils rather than running off into our already overwhelmed water treatment plants.